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You flip a switch or turn a dial, and the heat comes on.  When the weather gets warmer, you get Thermostatinstant AC.  Perfect temperatures, day and night.  No worries.  No fuss no muss.

And now for a “reality check.”

Omaha HVAC systems are mechanical systems. And like all things mechanical, your home comfort systems require ongoing maintenance to perform at the peak of their capabilities.

Annual Cleaning, Tune-up & Inspection.

The best way to protect your investment in the systems you already have is with our professional annual tune-up and inspection service.

Here’s why that’s so important:

  • The average lifespan of each system is 10-15 years.
  • Without scheduled maintenance, heating and cooling efficiencies decrease dramatically, which means you’re spending more on fuel and electricity to obtain the same levels of indoor comfort.
  • Lack of regular maintenance also increases the likelihood of repairs, and the longer a potential problem goes unchecked, the more expensive the resulting repair.  In fact, some studies indicate that well-maintained equipment can reduce inconvenient breakdowns by up to 90%.
  • Finally, regular maintenance can add years to your system’s lifespan.

A Burton cleaning, tune-up and inspection covers every system component. Here are just some of the steps included:

  • Clean your filters, and replace them if necessary;
  • Check for carbon monoxide or gas leaks;
  • Inspect the safety controls;
  • Lubricate and inspect all motors;
  • Inspect the seals and insulation of your air ducts … heat loss from leaky, un-insulated ducts reduces the efficiency of your heating system by as much as 30%;
  • Check and adjust thermostat for accurate system control;
  • Using state-of-the-art cameras, we inspect your heat exchanger for cracks;
  • Examine and calibrate refrigerant controls (AC).
  • Verify proper amperage and voltage for your compressor and condensor motors (AC).

We do a very thorough job, and for all the right reasons:

  • Increased comfort
  • Increased safety
  • Increased savings
  • Fewer inconvenient breakdowns
  • Prolonged equipment life

To give your heating or cooling system the kind of treatment it deserves, contact us by phone or email today to schedule service.  Or, check out the Burton Service Partner Plan, where our cleaning, tune-up and inspection is included in one low monthly fee.

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